Karaoke And Dance

Karaoke And Dance

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Motta Sant'Anastasia
Motta Sant'Anastasia (CT)

Karaoke And Dance

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Trinacria Ristorante Pizzeria

Musica e divertimento
Con il maestro bruno. Bruschetta ,patatine,giro pizza + bevanda (le nostre pizze sono con impasto ai 9 cereali e a lunga lievitazione) e inoltre se sie arlegiche ai Gluden ofriamo pizze senza gludeni
Ristorante pizzeria trinacria
Corso Sicilia 8
Motta sant Anastasia CT
Inf e prenotazione
095 61 30 353
344 20 31 246
  • Motta Sant'Anastasia

  • Motta Sant'Anastasia (CT)

  • Latitudine 37.5167
    Longitudine 14.9667

Motta Sant'Anastasia

, ,Motta Sant'Anastasia (CT)
  • Motta Sant'Anastasia is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Catania in the Italian region Sicily, located about 160km southeast of Palermo and about 9km west of Catania. As of 31 December 2007, it had a population of 11,203 and an area of 35.7km2.The municipality of Motta Sant'Anastasia contains the frazione (subdivision) Piano Tavola and also the Naval Air Station Sigonella. The latter accounts for the substantial numbers of American military personnel and their families who reside in Motta Sant'Anastasia.Motta Sant'Anastasia borders the following municipalities: Belpasso, Camporotondo Etneo, Catania, Misterbianco.Giuseppe Di Stefano was a native of Motta Sant'Anastasia.HistoryMotta, like other cities in the Simeto Valley, has ancient origins. Archaeological studies dating back to 1954 in contrada Ardizzone, attest Greek presence in the territory around the 5th–4th centuries BC. The Roman period, however, was evidenced by the discovery of some coins from the period of the great empire, and a mosaic found in contrada Acquarone, belonging to a villa.
  • http://www.comune.mottasantanastasia.ct.it