Lo Sbaracco Monfalcone

Lo Sbaracco Monfalcone

Sabato 26 Agosto dalle 10:00 alle 23:00

Monfalcone (GO)

Lo Sbaracco Monfalcone

Sabato 26 Agosto dalle 10:00 alle 23:00 2017-08-26T23:00:00.0000000Z https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/s720x720/20643148_324649641310445_3425905160766369332_o.jpg?oh=407e4e5b9fb0e9d1210efeda2936e749&oe=5A2294C9
Lo Sbaracco Monfalcone

*Lo Sbaracco Monfalcone*
Cogli l'offerta, afferra le occasioni... Lo Sbaracco è la giornata dello shopping! I negozi, i bar e le gelaterie del centro ti aspettano...
FUORITUTTO in Centro: Solo per un giorno!!! OCCASIONI e OFFERTE nei negozi del centro di Monfalcone.
Sabato 26 agosto, dalle 10.00 alle 23.00, i negozi del centro di Monfalcone si trasformano in bancherelle con la merce in offerta sulle strade, con stand ricchi di sconti, promozioni e super ribassi e... musica, intrattenimento e stuzzichini presso BAR, CAFFETTERIE e GELATERIE aderenti.
Scopri i negozi: http://monprice.it/sbaracco/#section-50

Vieni a trovarci anche a "Lo SBARACCO Junior", un momento di libero scambio e vendita di oggetti usati, giochi e altro gestito esclusivamente da ragazzi dai 6 ai 14 anni.
Per info ed iscrizioni: http://monprice.it/sbaracco/#section-24
  • Monfalcone

  • Monfalcone (GO)

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, ,Monfalcone (GO)
  • Monfalcone is a town and comune of the province of Gorizia in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, northern Italy, located on the Gulf of Trieste. Monfalcone means "Mount of Falcon" in Italian.It is a major industrial centre for manufacturing ships, airplanes, textiles, chemicals and refined oil. It is the home of Fincantieri cruise ship building company.GeographyMonfalcone is the fifth most populous town in Friuli - Venezia Giulia and the main centre of Bisiacaria territory. Joined to its neighbourhoods, it reaches about 50,000 inhabitants. The town lies between the Carso hills and the Adriatic coast, being the northernmost port of the Mediterranean Sea.HistoryIn prehistoric times the area of Monfalcone housed several fortified villages called castellieri. After the foundation of the Roman city of Aquileia (181 BC), some thermal buildings were created on the hills, known as Insulae Clarae.After the Ostrogoth, Byzantine, Lombard and Frank domination, Monfalcone was controlled by the Patriarchs of Aquileia starting from 967. The Venetians conquered it in 1420 after three days of siege, keeping it until 1511, when it fell to the French. Conquered back by Venice, it was ravaged by the troops of the Habsburg emperor Maximilian I in 1513, who destroyed the Rocca. In 1521 it was returned to the Republic of Venice, under which it remained until its dissolution by the 1797 Treaty of Campo Formio.
  • http://www.comune.monfalcone.go.it