ETNO Funkers ▌LIVE Klezmer atmoSphere at the dai dai ■■■

ETNO Funkers ▌LIVE Klezmer atmoSphere at the dai dai ■■■

Venerdì 08 Dicembre dalle 21:00 alle 23:30

dai dai
Strada di Guardiella n° 10/D, 34128 Trieste (TS)

ETNO Funkers ▌LIVE Klezmer atmoSphere at the dai dai ■■■

Venerdì 08 Dicembre dalle 21:00 alle 23:30 2017-12-08T23:30:00.0000000Z
dai dai

dai dai genuine food + atmoSphere

Vi presenta :

ETNO FUNKERS ▌LIVE Klezmer atmoSphere at the dai dai ■■■

per deliziarVi ▌

coinvolgente ….. e da non perdere ▌cena – concerto

i posti sono limitati, la prenotazione dello spazio cena è obbligatoria.

CoSmopolitan fuSion , slow and hand made genuine food ■■

▌carne ▌o in alternativa gourmet sandwicheS ■■

Arrivi tardi per la cena ?
L’ingresso è libero SOLO nello spazio dell’american bar… ▌
Il nostro consiglio è di assaggiare il cocktail del giorno ,
qualunque esso sia, nato dall'ispirazione dei nostri barman
quella sera ■■■

+39 040 57 00 568 ▌

don't miSS iT & stay tuned ■■■
Be real. Eat good. Enjoy . Dream & Share !

■■ Sebastiano Crepaldi: flauto
■■ Manuel Figheli: fisarmonica
■■ Luca Demicheli: basso
■■ Ermes Ghirardini: batteria

Nuovissima formazione nata dalla fusione di alcuni
progetti riguardanti la musica klezmer.
La band propone un repertorio di brani tradizionali ebraici,
di brani originali scritti dai musicisti,
di brani di compositori klezmer più o meno odierni
con cui i membri hanno avuto a che fare negli anni
(Frank London, John Zorn, Dave Tarras, Mickey Katz…)
e inoltre ri - arrangiamenti di alcuni brani popolari,
il tutto sostenuto da una potente base ritmica funk e da
ampi spazi lasciati all’improvvisazione e all’interplay tra
i musicicsti: etno funk jazz, un impasto sonoro adattabile
a qualsiasi situazione (jazz club, festival, feste…),
da ballare !!!
  • dai dai

  • Strada di Guardiella n° 10/D 34128 Trieste (TS)

  • Latitudine 45.65462
    Longitudine 13.80006

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dai dai

Strada di Guardiella n° 10/D, 34128 ,Trieste (TS)
  • Young, Contemporary, Social & Accessible.
    Fashionable interpretation of Italian food,
    wine and lifestyle. The food at once simple,
    flavorful, traditional, light and very Italian.

    Cosmopolitan hospitality + Melting Pot & Social Dining
    A social table at the dai dai is a place where the thrill of taste is dialogue, guests from around the world stay together to talk, to know each other and share experiences .
    Food as an experience to be shared, as an occasion of meeting and exchange: this is the philosophy used .
    Each guest of the dai dai can sit at this table, enjoy a refined cosmopolitan hospitality and meet people.
    The extraordinary possibility of a social dinner, where you can encounter and listen other people is one of the many reasons which make the dai dai a special place, where the food pleasure is an opportunity to meet, talk and dream .
    Guests are encouraged to put away their cell phones and engage with one another.
    Perfect for those who love food, wine , excellent beer & cocktaIils and great company surronunded by great music with a group of people all sharing in a meal & music talking about it and hazily remembering the good things about it the next morning.
    At The Social Table we get everyone together in the dai dai to laugh, nosh, drink, taste, drink, enjoy and dream . This is our perfect night, wouldn’t you agree?

    By day the eclectically furnished eatery welcomes you to relax , make use of the free Wi-Fi and tuck into the plat du jour; whatever it may be that has inspired the dai dai Chef's that morning.

    Be real. Eat good. Enjoy . Dream & Share !

    It's all about being true to who you are: sharing with friends and family and enjoying each other's company over a good meal .
    Have you got some positive energy to share? Or maybe your grandmother's secret recipe ?
    Leave here and create some more good in your world.
    We're all a part of it.

    slow and hand made genuine food
    dai dai Chef's contemporary style is strongly influenced by the respect for the food we work with, our vast travels with its myriad of cultures and culinary heritage.

    dai dai , HADI HADI , C'MON C'MON ...
    al passo con i tempi & tradizionale
    un punto di riferimento……armonico & melodico ......
    con la nostra cucina genuina + coSmopolitana aperta fino a MEZZANOTTE .
    dai dai is Young, Contemporary, Social & Accessible.
    Positive genuine Vibes & atmoSphere.
    Fashionable interpretation of Italian food , wine and lifestyle.
    The food at once simple, flavorful, traditional, light and very italian !
    Our genuine + coSmopolitan cuisine is open until MIDNIGHT .

    Why dai dai ?

    With the dai dai we have to capture our unpicked fruits for several generations like a chess match .

    dai dai in Italian :

    “ma dai” can indicate mild surprise , incredulity , unbelievable ! “dai dai” can indicate also to moove forward quickly to the next step ….:-) and you may find yourself expressing more enthusiasm for everything !

    dai dai in Japanese :

    The name daidai, originally meaning several generations originates from the fruit staying on the tree
    for several years if not picked .
    The colour of the fruit is a variety of bitter orange and returns to green in the spring.
    That’s why we used the lively steel ...Cor-Ten to represent us
    and to tell an ancient story with the colors of the earth .
    It is as if it animates itself , taking many different shades and colors imitating the nature that surrounds it.
    Minimal and genuine aspect , which improves the splendor with aging and time , like an experience , like a journey….
    The daidai was originated in the Himalayas.
    It spread to the Yangtze valley region and later to Japan .
    Maka daidai shōgi (ultra-huge chess') is a large board variant of shogi (Japanese chess).
    The game dates back to the 15th century and it is based on dai dai shogi and the earlier dai shogi.
    The rule is "promotion by capture".
    In our case the goal is to globally open up many affiliate dai dai landmarkS by capture of international partners , with involvement to our system, transferring all the love and all the know-how of our brand .
    Our rule is the " international promotion of the brand " , sharing our experience with worldwide customers !

    Be real. Eat good. Enjoy . Dream & Share !
    un posto speciale, dove il piacere del cibo è l'occasione per incontrarsi, parlare , confrontarsi + condividere… musicalmente & genuinamente. Per una atmoSfera migliore.

    info lines :
    39 040 57 00 568 ▌

    booking is essential and both reservations and payment can be made online.

    don't miSS iT & stay tuned ■■■

    Be real. Eat good. Enjoy . Dream & Share !
  • +39 040 57 00 568
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